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8 Days -7 Nights


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8 days 7 night Komodo Liveaboard Diving with MV NusaTara.

Day 1

Embarkation in Labuan Bajo

  • Arrive in Labuan Bajo, pick up at the airport then transfer to harbor to board the boat.
  • Check dive in Sebayur Kecil: Already in the descent you can admire the huge amount of hard corals, seafans and sponges that grow lush at all depths. The reef gently slopes until the white sand bottom around 19m. Here and there small rock formations also covered with marine life. Large cuttlefish, octopus, ghost pipefish, frogfish, leafy scorpionfish and electric clams are just some of the many inhabitants of this area.No current, always good visibility and lots of sea life make this dive site a perfect place for routine check dives as well as afternoon dives.

Days 2

FULL DAY DIVE (up to 4 dives)

  • Crystal Rock : named after the surrounding clear water just breaks the surface and is home to large schools of fusiliers and anthias beneath it. Nice soft coral coverage here with some impressive table corals. There is a small mound northwest of the rock where different species of fish school seasonally, including tuna and mackerel.
  • Castle Rock is another nearby spot with great fish life including batfish and morays. Soft corals and sea fans are prolific at around 20 meters. Current can be strong, usually flow eastwards and are much stronger at the surface than in the deeper water. Yet it is possible to find shelter around the top of the rock where condition is mostly calmer for which this site is named after. Sharks and big rays can be spotted here.
  • Shot Gun : a great reef dive site with some fantastic coral coverage that eventually forms walls that are covered with magnificent array of beautiful yellow corals. The dive site is also known as the Cauldron and is found in a channel between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. It is said to be one of the most amazing dive sites in the Komodo area due to the amazing corals and marine life. You should be able to spot eels, sharks, stingrays, tuna fish, trevallies, anchovies, bump head parrotfish, turtles, snappers and, of course, the many manta rays.
  • Gili Lawa Bay :  good night dive spots, where you can spot some Harlequin Shrimp as well as a few other interesting creatures.

Days 3

FULL DAY DIVE (up to 4 dives)

  • Batu Bolong offers truly world-class diving in the heart of the Komodo Island and National Park Reserve. Although it doesn’t look like much on the surface – in fact it somewhat resembles an odd doughnut-shaped rock hence the translation to “Hollow Rock” – a quick glance underwater reveals what all the spectacular dive stories are about. You should look out for reef sharks lurking by the ledge as well as dogtooth tuna, hawksbill turtles, giant trevallies and electric blue surgeonfish.
  • Manta Point : one of the most dived sites in the park. Your best chance to dive with manta rays, sometimes schooling in the area.
  • Tatawa Kecil : the dive site has an enormous abundance of reef fish and if you are looking for anthias, then this is the place to dive. You will find groupers, jacks, sweetlips, trevally, and bump-head parrotfish as well as turtles and sharks. As it is not too far from Manta Alley, the dive site situated at the Manta feeding point, the occasional Manta Ray joins divers visiting the site.

Days 4


  • Trekking to Komodo Island : after breakfast trekking to Komodo island to witness the Komodo dragons and other animals in the wild.
  • Pink Beach also called Pantai Merah. The nearby beach is very famous for the red sand that has been created by microscopic animals that produce red and pink light found living on the reef. The dive site has a sandy-sloped bottom that is also made up of this pink sand creating a very unusual and unique dive site. You will find frogfish, leaf fish, mandarin fish, Coleman shrimp, nudibranchs, Pegasus sea moths, snake eels, crocodile fish, ribbon ells, and devilfish. There are many large soft corals found here with many yellow sea cucumbers and feather stars to be found as well.
  • Pulau Damar
  • Loh Sera : large pelagic fish like dogtooth tuna can be seen circling off the point and around the pinnacles. Turtles and large fish such as monster- sized giant trevallies, potato cod, malabar grouper, schools of bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, manta rays and much more can be sighted along the wall. Superb diving all along the southern point of Loh Sera, or off the point towards underwater pinnacles.

Days 5

FULL DAY DIVE (up to 4 dives)

  • Manta Alley (2 dives) : this dive site is definitely an unforgettable dive experience, and it is a highlight of the Komodo National Park and for good reasons. The site is the home to throngs of manta rays that swim, play around, and feed relentlessly whilst being cleaned by cleaner wrasses. Amongst the reef, there are anemone fish, triggerfish, unicorn fish, and moray eels. The reef is also home to large groups of mantis shrimp that can be found in the nooks and crevices. These have very powerful claws that have earned them the nickname of “thumb splitters” for their ability to inflict pain on an unsuspecting misplaced hand.
  • Nusa Kode (2 dives) : the south western tip of Kode island is characterized by large, coral-encrusted boulders and huge groupers. Amongst the boulders are some of the largest reef fishes residing in the Park such as gigantic potato cod and malabar grouper. Schools of large red snapper are normally prevalent. Diving entry is west of a small island at this site

Days 6

Trekking and 3 Dives

  • Padar Island  is the most iconic views of the region. From the summit, you can spot more than ten different beaches. Make the trek up and steep the hill for only about 20 minutes.

Days 7

Back to Central Komodo National Park

  • Tatawa Besar : this site is famous for having some of the most astonishing coral gardens in the Komodo National Park. Given the diversity of coral in the national park, this makes the site one of the best coral gardens in the world. You will be accompanied by cuttlefish, turtles, lionfish, triggerfish, batfish and it is easy to spot sharks swimming amongst the gardens
  • Siaba Besar : a dive destination known for its massive coral garden. Get ready to explore a diving destination where you get to experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy the sights of the pelagic fish species such as manta rays, reef sharks, turtles, and much more as well as gorgeous Flamboyant Cuttlefish and Thorny Seahorses.
  • Back to Labuan Bajo

Days 8

Disembarkation in Labuan Bajo

After breakfast transfer back to the airport for onward flight.
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  • Meal (From lunch on day 1 through breakfast on last day)

Important Notes

  • For utmost comfort, divers need to bring own gear/ equipment
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